• The creator of “Sixty Minutes,” Don Hewitt, when asked about the success of his long-running creation, said, “it’s all about four little words: Tell me a story.”
  • From the beginning of my career as a photographer, I fell in love with the still image as a way to communicate an idea or story. Photography empowered me to share my vision with others, one image at a time. The impact that a single image can have has quite literally changed the way we see the world.
  • Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, wrote, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • Photography has always been technology driven. Using today’s technology, I have begun creating photographic visual narratives, using still photographs and sound to tell short, focused stories to communicate ideas in a visually arresting way. These projects are perfect for the Internet because they unfold in a few minutes, like watching a movie clip.
  • I have posted a few of these narratives on my web site, in the VIDEO section of the home page menu, so you can see the concept and get an idea of the variety of applications they can be used for.
  • New projects are always being created.